August 15, 2022



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Risk Management and Loss Control

The Ray Smith Insurance Agency Inc. is a full service independent insurance agency. Our mission is to provide personal and professional service to our current and future clients. To that end we have established a working relationship with Integrated Loss Control, a professional loss control services company, to provide a cost effective integrated approach to solving your work place safety and workers' compensation problems.

The process of loss control includes the practice of analyzing your exposures to risk or loss, and taking steps to minimize these potential or real losses to levels acceptable to your organization. 

The goal of the Ray Smith Insurance Agency is to develop and implement practical and workable solutions to loss control for our clients. 

Benefits of a Team Approach for Loss Control  

Health & Safety Services 

Workers' Compensation Cost Containment Services 


The Team Approach To...

Practical • Workable • Integrated


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Working together to Protect Your

Human, Financial and Physical Resources